I love a small gift-giving occasion. Not Christmas because there are too many presents to get, and it is always a little stressful. And not necessarily birthdays because there's sometimes pressure to get the perfect gift. But an occasion like Valentine's day where the bar is set lower (you can always fall back on candy and flowers), that's where I shine. I think of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to surprise people I love with something thoughtful, and my go-to gift is stationery.

Stationery is perfect for Valentine's Day gifts because there is literally something for everybody, and at every budget, just follow these 5 steps to building the perfect stationery gift, and check below for some ideas on thoughtful stationery gifts to get inspired.

Gifts for your partner - This is typically more personal. Think about their passions, or perhaps something they've talked about wanting to do more of such as painting, or journaling. You can find high-end stationery that really feels special. 

Stationery Gifts for Partners - Ink and lead

Gifts for parents, grandparents - My family is spread out geographically, so we don't see one another all the time. A letter set, and a book of stamps is a cool way to say 'I miss you'. As a bonus, if you have small children, making a card or writing a letter to grandma is always a fun activity. 

Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for Grandparents

Gifts for students, co-workers - By 'students' I mean school-aged kids, not necessarily your students though this applies to them too if you happen to be an educator. This is an easy category because stationery is made for these people. A set of gel pens in cool colors (i.e. not black or blue), erasable pens for perfectionists, a set of washi tape or sticker sheets for fun. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for stationery gifts is easy, and giving them can be rewarding. Sometimes it's a reminder to your loved ones to stop the hustle and bustle, and slow down to write a letter or draw a picture. And sometimes it's thoughtful because it's practical. No matter what, your gifts will be well-received, and you will be the hero of Valentine's Day.

Stationery Gifts for Valentine's Day

January 30, 2021
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