Shopping for someone else can be tricky. You want the gift to be thoughtful and personalized, and also practical, but still fun. Well, stationery gifts can be all of those things, if you do it right. And we have a few simple rules and tips for putting together the best stationery gift sets for any recipient. 

Step #1: Come up with a theme. The world of stationery is huge, and keeping to a theme will help you create a gift that has a clear message. Think of the recipient’s interests; do they love to sketch? Are they meticulous note-takers? Do they love animals? Skiing? Coffee? These ideas can all help to shape the theme for your gift set.

Step #2: Choose a focal point for the gift, ‘the star of the show’, if you will. This is likely going to be the most expensive part of the gift, and the piece that will elicit the “Wow!” when opened. Having this focus will make the gift feel more substantial, and memorable. Be sure when you’re picking out the main gift, that you set aside some of your budget for related accessories.

Step #3: Complement your gift with 2 or more related items. For example, if your main gift is a set of gorgeous brush pens, you can pair that with a sketchbook, and a roll of washi tape. The pens are the main part of the gift, but now you’re encouraging them to create something with the sketchbook, and then hang it up on the wall with decorative tape. 

Step #4: Elevate your gift with packaging. Gift packaging doesn’t have to cost a lot, in fact you can put your gifts inside a manila envelope if that’s all your budget will allow, but then tie some twine around the package, and decorate it with stickers, washi tape, or your own hand-lettering, and the gift becomes something very special. 

Step #5: Always include a card, or enclosure with a note letting them know that you put this gift together with their interests in mind. Call out your favorite part of the gift, and how you think it will enhance their lives. This will go a long way. 

Some additional tips:

  • When choosing your stationery gift items, if you’re not personally familiar with an item, do your research. Read reviews, watch YouTube videos. You want to be able to point to why you picked certain items over others, and you want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely, on good products.
  • Try to stay within an aesthetic, or color palette when putting together the gift. For example, if the main component is a brown leather-bound journal, you can pair it with vintage-colored pens, or nature-themed stickers, but stay away from bright colors and pop designs.
  • Balance practical with fun. In gift-giving, we want to give people things they will use, but we also want to surprise and delight. 

The best thing about stationery gifts is, you can make it relevant for everyone in your life. Whether your recipient is a crayon-wielding toddler, a creative social media influencer, or grandma who writes the best letters, you can now build the best, most thoughtful stationery gift set for everyone!

October 29, 2020
Tags: gifting how-to