As a kid, my favorite store inside the mall was the Sanrio store. For those uninitiated, Sanrio is a Japanese company and it is the home of Hello Kitty and her friends. The stores were an explosion of pink, and wall-to-wall cuteness with merchandising organized around each of the characters (my favorite was Tuxedo Sam). I remember browsing every single section, and picking out 2-3 things every time we went, from mechanical pencils with little characters dangling from the cap, to thick notepads with a different design on each page, and those little easers that smelled like candy! Everything I brought home was perfectly packaged, high quality, and thoughtfully designed. Sure it was made for kids, but it didn't ever feel cheap. It's safe to say that this is where my obsession with fine stationery began.

These days when I walk into any art supplies store, or stationery shop, I am that same little girl again. I can, and have spent hours inside these stores just looking at the countless pens, pencils, and accessories; testing them out, and trying to justify, in my head, yet another stationery purchase.

Ink & Lead is an expression of my love for fine stationery. I believe we can find joy in everyday tasks like making grocery lists, writing a letter, and even jotting down a note on a Post-It, and that it starts with using high quality, well-designed stationery.

We at Ink & Lead continue to search for beautiful, well-made, ultra-functional stationery and art supplies from all over the world to add to our shop so that you may feel the same joy that little me felt walking into a Sanrio store.

Thank you for checking us out. Please contact us to share your thoughts, and happy creating!

Warm wishes,