Since their arrival in the US in 2018, Zebra Mildliner has taken the stationery world by storm. Once a niche imported item, now you can find them at any stationery store from boutique to national chain. And if you follow creative people on Instagram, you know that Mildliners are a favorite among students, artists, and particularly with the bullet journal community. They are so popular, Zebra even holds a bi-annual Mildliner Challenge where anyone can submit art created with these prolific markers for a chance to win prizes. This level of notoriety is pretty impressive for a pen once thought of as just a tool for studying. But what’s so great about these highlighters anyway? Let’s take a look at the features that set Zebra Mildliner apart from its competition. 

The first thing you notice about Mildliners is, as its name suggests, its mild color. Traditional highlighters feature bright, fluorescent colors meant to help draw attention to highlighted text. But Zebra decided that the colors could be subtle and non-blinding while still being effective. Even the fluorescent colors in the Mildliner series are soft and pleasant. Thank you, Zebra.

The second thing, and possibly the most important factor in Mildliner’s appeal is the range of colors. Zebra gives us a total of 25 Mildliner colors, making it possible to create a variety of art. You can purchase these in sets of 5, 10, 15, and 25...maybe others? Who knows? New sets are popping up all the time. The original sets of 5 are curated to create thematic color palettes, perfect for bullet journal spreads, or to color coordinate notes. 

Zebra Mildliner’s form factor is another winning feature. The double-ended highlighters include a chisel tip for highlighting text, as well as a fine bullet tip for adding details. The barrel has a slim, minimalist design, mostly white including the caps which fit seamlessly, and close with a satisfying little snap. Only the tip of one cap and the pen clip are colored to indicate the ink color and make it easy to grab what you need. The compact size makes it possible to carry several pens in a pen case.

It isn’t hard to see how these markers have come so far from being simply highlighters, to a favorite medium for drawing, lettering, coloring, and journaling. And with the addition of Mildliner Brush Pens, Zebra further expands the brand beyond helpful study tool and into must-have stationery. With so many markers and highlighters to choose from, it’s hard to stand out, but with its soft translucent colors, an extensive palette, and thoughtful details in its form factor, Zebra Mildliner transcends the competition.

June 11, 2021